Online Make Up Tips

Summer is finally here in the UK bringing more sunshine and warmth to the islands. It is an exciting time for most as the weather is perfect for lots of outdoor activities. Regions that are typically soggy the rest of the year are now at their most beautiful and welcoming state. Just taking a walk around London can feel like a special treat with the usual overcast sky replaced by a clear and deep blue. However, it also brings some challenges particularly to women who wear makeup. The heat and humidity can wreak havoc on their faces. Here are a few online makeup tips for the summer

Use Waterproof Cosmetics

The weather affects not only the skin but also the makeup itself. It is unavoidable for us to sweat more when it is hot and some of that comes out through the pores of the skin. Even a small amount can cause makeup to get smudged and dripping sweat will be much worse. Be sure to switch to waterproof cosmetics during this time of the year to avoid possible issues. They will reduce to need to constantly retouch parts that have come off or are becoming problematic. You will not have worries even when going out in the sun for hours. When you see special event signs, you won't be afraid of going because you know you'll always look good.

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Develop a Layering Technique

Not only must the cosmetic materials be waterproof, they must be applied in the proper order through a logical layering technique. Most experts recommend starting out with a sunscreen at the bottom to protect the skin against harmful UV rays. Then a primer may be used on top to provide a good base for the makeup. Try a silicone-based primer as it can act as a water barrier between the sweat and whatever it is that you plan to put on afterwards like foundation and the like. Be sure to wait for a few minutes for a layer to dry before you move on to another.

Avoid the Lipsticks

Lipsticks can feel quick heavy and uncomfortable during the summer. The wax can be rather sticky and awkward so experts are always reminding people to find lighter alternatives during this time. Tinted lip balms are excellent as they are not as thick yet they provide enough colour to make the lips look great. They also have moisturising properties so things don't get overly dry despite constant exposure to the sun. There will be no worries about cracking or chaffing. Tinted lip gloss is another possible candidate.

Apply a Tinted Moisturiser

In many cases, it is best to avoid the application of foundation altogether. Keep things minimal by using a moisturizer instead but find one that is tinted to get the kind of glow that you want to achieve. Foundation has the tendency to turn cakey when mixed with sweat whereas this one gets absorbed by the skin so it feels lighter and is less prone to damage.